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Hazardous substances within the life cycle of electrical and electronic products (HSLEEP)

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has been working with the secretariats of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions and UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre to lead activities in this area to date. ICCM3 endorsed the addition to the Global Plan of Action of new activities related to hazardous substances within the life cycle of electrical and electronic products, including the work areas of e-products green design, environmentally sound manufacturing of e-products and awareness-raising for e-products.

In addition, ICCM3 agreed to continue to work to identify, compile and create an international set of best practice resources on topics in this area, drawing on existing initiatives and opportunities for collaboration within the Strategic Approach and with other international forums.

At ICCM4, stakeholders were encouraged to widely disseminate the 'Report of the international workshop on hazardous substances within the life-cycle of electrical and electronic products, Vienna, March, 2011' and to consider the recommendations made and the key messages delivered by the participants in deciding on further actions to take.

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