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SAICM Emerging Policy Issues and Other Issues of Concern

One of the functions of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM) as identified in the SAICM Overarching Policy Strategy (paragragh 24.j) is to call for appropriate action on emerging policy issues as they arise and to forge consensus on priorities for cooperative action.

So far resolutions have been adopted on the following emerging policy issues and other issues of concern at ICCM2, ICCM3 and / or ICCM4:

The resolutions adopted recognize the policy imperatives to address identified concerns, agree on the actions needed and request specific stakeholders to consider undertaking certain actions.

Future emerging policy issues

An open and transparent procedure is available for those wishing to nominate emerging policy issues for consideration of the Conference in the future. 

Details of the nomination procedure are outlined in a note prepared by the secretariat, which includes the questionnaire and an overview of the steps for the consideration of emerging policy issues by the Conference. To allow for sufficient time for subsequent steps in the procedure, nominations need to be submitted 18 months in advance of the session of the Conference at which they will be considered. Nominations for ICCM4 closed in March 2014.

Addressing 5 emerging policy issues towards sound chemicals management