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SAICM newsletters


SAICM Newsletter 9:  May 2009

Featuring articles on SAICM Information Clearing House (ICH), progress on SAICM implementation in Mongolia, Sustainlabour's enabling workers and workplaces for SAICM implementation, sound chemicals in Moldova and Nigeria and UNEP Governing council outcomes on mercury.

SAICM Newsletter 8:  November 2008

Featuring articles on the meetings of the SAICM OELTWG and informal discussions; the International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides; SAICM regional meetings; the SETAC World Congress and scientific support for SAICM implementation; IFCS Forum VI; SAICM implementation progress in Armenia; Safe use and management of pesticides in Egypt; German national SAICM implementation conference; Green Chemistry and Design for Environment; the Basel Convention COP 9 & Rotterdam Convention COP 4; and an update on the Quick Start Programme.

SAICM Newsletter 7:  May 2008

Featuring articles on SAICM regional meeting in LAC; EU-JUSSCANNZ and donors meetings; IPEN NGO Global Outreach Campaign on SAICM; Syngenta/ RSC Pan Africa Chemistry Network; OECD's endorsement of SAICM; Head of States' recognition of SAICM for the third time; Costa Rica's SAICM implementation progress; SAICM meetings in Japan; Ad hoc joint working group of three Chemicals Conventions; International PRTR Coordinating Group; an update on the Quick Start Programme.

SAICM Newsletter 6:  December 2007

Featuring articles on the SAICM secretariat; the Pacific Island workshop; the Asia-Pacific chemicals regulators meeting in Cairns; North American leaders’ initiative on chemicals; an update on the Quick Start Programme; SAICM projects in Tanzania; IUPAC world chemistry leadership meeting and “International Year” initiative; UNIDO's endorsement of SAICM; REACH and the European Chemicals Agency; current chemicals consultations and preparations for ICCM2.

SAICM Newsletter 5:  June 2007

Featuring articles on SAICM regional meetings; an update on the Quick Start Programme; International Panel on Pollution Prevention; UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative for the Integration; Sweden’s support to SAICM implementation; Stockholm Convention COP-3; Ad Hoc Joint Working Group on Synergies; and reporting on SAICM implementation.

SAICM Newsletter 4:  February 2007

Featuring articles on Viveka Bohn to receive UNEP award, SAICM and the World Economic Forum, the endorsement of SAICM by FAO and ILO, COP-8 of the Basel Convention, EU-JUSSCANNZ and CEE meetings, IPEN's implementation of SAICM, an update on the Quick Start Programme and the African Core Group.

SAICM Newsletter 3:  November 2006

Featuring articles on the African Regional meeting, approved projects for Quick Start Programme Trust Fund, UNIDO and Chemical Leasing, UNEP's symposium on illegal trafficking, COP 3 of the Rotterdam Convention, SAICM National focal point and reporting on SAICM implementation.

SAICM Newsletter 2:  August 2006

Featuring articles on the SAICM African Regional meeting, the Quick Start Programme, Regional Focal Points, UNITAR's projects on SAICM, COP2 of the Stockholm Convention, IFCS Forum V and action by governing bodies on SAICM.

SAICM Newsletter 1:  June 2006

Featuring articles on the ICCM, SAICM Focal Points, the Quick Start Programme, the ICCM High Level segment, the Dubai Declaration International Chemicals Management and Side Events of the ICCM 

ICCM Newsletter:  December 2005

Featuring articles on PrepCom3 and the ICCM, the Jongny Expanded Bureau meeting, the 2005 World Summit, the Zayed Prize Award and the UNEP Governing Council