UN Geneva GSP57


57th Graduate Study Programme


 1 - 12 July 2019


United Nations Office at Geneva


”Looking back at 100 years of multilateralism: taking stock and preparing the future”


Please note that in addition to registering online, candidates should upload the requested documentation by the United Nations Information Service (see at the end of the online application form).




Please read carefully the following information before you start:


♦  Incomplete applications will not be considered.


♦  Information provided in this form will not be taken into account without the requested documents to be uploaded (at the end of the form) or if the documents are sent after the deadline.


♦  Travel costs, travel arrangements, living and accommodation expenses are the sole responsibility of students and/or their sponsoring institution.


♦  The age limit for application is 32 years of age.


♦  Participants must be enrolled in a master's or doctoral programme at the time of registration and should not be employed full-time.


♦  Participants must be able to speak and understand English and French.


♦  The majority of the sessions will be held in English, therefore absolute fluency in English is essential.  As several sessions will be held in French, solid working knowledge of French is also required.


♦  If selected for participation, applicants must submit a proof of medical insurance and a certificate of good health (these two documents will only be accepted by us in English or French).


♦  Candidates who have already participated in the past will not be re-considered.


♦  The programme is not connected to employment with the United Nations.



Applications submitted after 3 March 2019 will not be considered.

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